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English for Negotiating is aimed at people who regularly need to negotiate in English at work. This training-course provides all the language needed to handle the typical scenarios encountered on the way to successful negotiations.

English for Negotiating consists of seven units,covering all the typical stages of a negotiation. Every
unit concentrates on one fundamental aspect. At the outset, it is important to prepare thoroughly
(Unit 1). After the initial goals have been determined (Unit 2), the first round of negotiations can be organized (Unit 3). Detaited offers are discussed (Unit 4) and counter-offers are presented (Unit 5).
Differences are resolved (Unit 6),and finallya successful conclusions can be reached (Unit 7 ). The
units are presented in a logical structure, but can be worked through in any order.
Every unit begins with a Starter, introducing the themes and vocabulary for the unit. Listening is a core
component of every unit, as are reading texts ,which present typical negotiating terms in context.
Numerous practice exercises, both spoken and written, offer the opportunity to put what has been
learned to use. The Useful phrases boxes advise on commonly used idioms. Every unit also contains
a Negotiating skills box with tips on employing effective strategies and techniques. The Intercultural
skills boxes give advice on creating a good impression, avoiding problems, and closing the deal,
when working with foreign partners. At the end of every unit there is an Output text, an authentic text
on themes such as best practice, which encourages reflection and discussion.
At the end of the course, there is a Test yourself! crossword. In the appendix the
Answer key is provided for independent study, along with the Partner files, the Transcripts of the
Listening extracts, and severa Useful phrases boxes.
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